WAMO™ (What Are My Options) started as a home-made card game for a fun game night between the creator of the game and her husband. It didn’t take long to see that the game needed to become much more than that.

After countless hours of tinkering and refinement, WAMO™: Friends Edition was created for friends looking to have fun getting to know one another and bonding on a deeper level. The game was inspired by the belief that every life is a unique, living, breathing story. Every choice we make adds a page to that story. Sometimes we lean into the wild and mysterious, other times we opt for the predictable.

We know the world can be a divisive place but we think stories are better when contrast, conflict, and memorable characters are in the mix. Far too often we avoid discussing important topics because it’s easier to live in the illusion of agreement—even with the people we’re closest to.

WAMO™ creates a safe space where everyone can appreciate the vibrant life you’ve lived while sharing wisdom, humor, and heartfelt moments of their own. 

So go ahead and grab your crew, let’s play WAMO™!

"I recommend this game to everyone.
In my opinion it is the best way to go from shallow
superficial conversations to deeper ones.
In an age of disconnect, this game is the perfect
way to foster connection."

- Cara Brown

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